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wThursday, September 19, 2002

Alrighty...I really do appreciate the push on doing my work, but isn't it a bit hypocritical for someone to get on your case about not studying when for the first...two or so weeks of school, they sat around and played video games instead of doing their work like I did?

posted by Kellie at 7:01 PM


drama = bullshit.

posted by Kellie at 1:42 PM


Oh yeah! And when we were on our way to get food, there was a mini van and a car like...pretty far away from the other and there were York townies in them. They had their doors open like..talking through the open doors! Not even through windows! I was sitting behind the mini van and me, nicky and margie were all like "O_o WTF?!" And then sounded like they were yelling at each other and they both slammed their doors at he same time and the one care like..sped off and the other one went through the light and took their grand old time pulling into the gas station. ROFL Gotta love them York townies!

posted by Kellie at 2:24 AM


AAHAHahahaha... I did NOTHING I wanted to do today. In fact, I shitted around for most of the day. Went to go to the library and ended up at my friend's place instead. Ended up staying there until like...11:00-11:30 which then Margie and I left, came back and started out to Walmart when we called Nicky to get her. Made a K turn and headed back, got Nicky and headed to Walmart. We got there around 11:45-12:00. Margie got some shirts and we played with the toys and oogled over the games. Then, we decided we were hungry and tried TWO taco bells, neither were open and then decided on Denny's! Meanwhile, it is now like...1:00 a.m. Sat in Denny's talking about the good times me and Nicky had and other humorous things from the past and present. Had some food, laughed until we were crying and I downed a pack of sugar. After much laughing and two cokes, we headed back to the apartment and finally got back at 2:00 a.m. And... yes. I did all the driving. =D Its fun! I like driving man. Hopefully mom will let me drive to VA to AnimeUSA. It'll take about 2 hours to get there from school. Hopefully there won't be a lot of traffic ::pray!::

Now its off to bed since I have a class at 9:30 and ... well XD I should already BE asleep since I have to get around 8:00 a.m.

posted by Kellie at 2:13 AM

wWednesday, September 18, 2002

Here's my To Do List for today!

9:00-3:00 : class @_@

So, after that will be:

- laundry
- uber homework
- transfer notes into notebook
- study for Psychology test
- maybe a quick trip to the art store for supplies for tomorrow

Yep yep! Lots of stuff really, just seems like there's not alot. ROFL. So, off to finish getting ready. I swear if my first class wasn't Chemistry, I would skip whatever other class it was. @_@ I'm so tired. I have to start going to be earlier. I really do.

posted by Kellie at 8:14 AM


Current Music: DDR - Sexy Planet (Dance Whore)
I played DDR for about...2 1/2 hours or so with Nicky and Jake. I can do some maniac songs. Very crappily, but I can do them. They're extremely hard until you learn the correct footing, which Nicky is teaching me. ^_^ Wee! I learned gallops today. Its a huge accomplishment really. ROFL!

I did crappy on my chemistry test, which means I have to study extra hard and just start kicking myself in the arse to work harder. I think I'm going to start going to the library to do my homework and so forth. Its less distracting. Even if I turn my computer off, there's stil the temptation. Pathetic isn't it? I get so completely bored, yet I still seem drawn to this glowing box before me. -_- God I'm so sad and pathetic.

=D Going to AnimeUSA with Samikins! Hopefully I'll be going as Xu if I can pull the costume together by October. ^__^ Wee! I have to be uber frugal with spending money though since I have money to just..throw around. Trust me, after Otakon, I kicked myself for spending so much money. Money that I really shouldn't have spent. Kellie = Baka chan who's a sucker for anime stuff.

I've noticed that when one writes in their journal or blog, its like they're holding a conversation with an invisible person. ROFL I think its kinda amusing. ^_^ But, if I didn't have something like this, I'm sure I would go absolutely INSANE.

Oh! finally got to checking out some of the forum boards I belong to. Well, actually just X_x; I have no time to check them anymore and I feel horrible about it. I posted some posts about though, so, I'm not completely dead on that board. I haven't posted anything on the neoparapara boards lately and I haven't been reading Ancient Whispers either. @_@ Oi oi. I really need to get ON the ball.

So, yeah, I'm uber tired...need sleep. @_@ Gaaaah. ::falls over::

posted by Kellie at 12:41 AM

wSunday, September 15, 2002

So! Uber update since the last time I updated. Had a chemistry test on friday. Hopefully I did okay. :( I'm kinda worried about it. Went home on friday afternoon/evening and zonked out really early. Got up on saturday, ran around with mom (^_^ I drove all day) to get some things. Got a really awesome steering wheel cover for the jeep. Its purple with black lace over it. *_* Looks like kinky langerie or something. Also got my hair done on Saturday and here is the outcome!:

=D!!! Its bleached and bright red chunked so to speak. Nicky said it looks like the Ayumi Hamsaki poster I have. *____* Awesomeness!

Met up with Nicky today after I got home from church for much DDRing at White Marsh Mall. x_x My stamina is horrible since I haven't played in forever. We played, and I sucked uber horribly bad and then left to meet my mom over at Chili's for dinner. *__* Mm..awesome blossomness. Afterwards, I ran home to pick up some stuff, packed the jeep up and Nicky and I headed back to York. -_- Caught got in the shitty rain which sucked horribly. I LOATHE driving in the rain. I mean...I'd rather be getting a root canal done than drive in the yucky rain. But, everything was good and I went really slow and took my time. We got to York finally (after getting stuck behind slow people the whole way up) and we took in the frozen food since it was STILL raining. waited until the rain stopped, got the rest of the stuff and then drove up to Rita's. Mmm. Ritaness. Came back and here I am. On the usual. =D Gotta love that boredness. Probably gonna go put some stuff away. But..yeah. Nothing else exciting.

posted by Kellie at 8:18 PM