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wWednesday, September 11, 2002

I swear if I here ONE MORE thing about today, I'm going to scream. We had a huge heated discussion about this in Abnormal Psychology and everyone made valid and good points. But seriously, people just need to drop it. I mean...take into consideration...hind site bias. Why didn't we care this much BEFORE it happened? Really makes you think to be honest. Today, someone was like..."I make the 11 in 9/11 look like the twin towers to remember." ....WHAT the fuck. Its so annoying.

posted by Kellie at 3:21 PM


So yeah...its September 11...just another day ending in y to me. Yes, I've really had enough of hearing about it. Its become so commercialized and such that its beginning to be annoying. People can call me bitter for it you like, but its true. What's done is done, what's mourned is mourned. Simple and easy enough. We all lost people, friends, family, pride, trust...etc. But we should not dwell upon the past, for it does little to strengthen a person.

I've been extremely busy for the past few days, so I haven't really like...had time to update anywhere. I've been studying for chemistry stuff, working on my abnormal psychology debate and art work and more ... well .. stuff. I did work yesterday for at least 10 hours straight. It all consisted of laundry, cleaning and homework. It felt good to get stuff done. I'll be doing more work today. -_- Yay. Tomorrow I have to run to the library for at least an hour to watch some videos for chemistry and there shall be uber studying tonight and tomorrow for my chem exam on Friday.

I cleaned out Lemmy's tank last night because there was like..too much water in the bottom because the slip of paper I had hanging out of his water bowl was absorbing the water and causing a lake to form. I bought new gravel and pretty marbles to put along the bottom and this big piece of plastic driftwood with plants and what not chilling on it. Its awesome in there. Its looking. =D I think he likes it. He has places to hide and such within the drift wood and he can chill under the plants. I was reading about them with Margie yesterday and I read that they really don't like to be handled, which actually made me feel better because I'm always afraid I'm gonna hurt the little guy. I have to get him some crickets this weekend when I get back so the little guy doesn't go hungry.

=D I also get the jeep this weekend (hopefully), so I'm looking forward to that. No more having to sit around and do nothing! Yay! ^_^ That will do good since Nicky and I are getting extremely bored with everything lately. >< School needs to come up with interesting things man. I'm tired of sitting around after finishing my work and doing nothing. Baaah. Its uber boring in bumblefawk. Lemme tell you.

=/ I wonder if I've lost any weight since school started. Its kinda bothering whether or not I have. I don't feel like I have, but my grandmother told me over labor day weekend that it already looked like I lost a few pounds. I hope so. I really wanna get into shape for Otakon 2003 so I can cosplay with Sami, Lemmi and Kapo and do our little skit. XD I can't wait to see this skit. I'll be all *stumbles over words and so forth*

So anyways, its now...8:00 a.m. and I need to start getting ready for my 9 a.m. chem class. @_@ Fun fun. :D Be back around 3!

posted by Kellie at 8:00 AM

wSunday, September 08, 2002

Current Music: The Oath - Final Fantasy VIII
So, friday night was the emtional talk and so forth. Saturday, I went to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival. It was so much fun! I was bowed to at least ten times since Lauren and I bought silver, plastic tiaras; I bought an anole, got a henna tattoo on my left arm (a nifty chinese symbol for "The Creative"), and I got my palm read. Apparently I'm going to live until my 90s, going to be married only once, going to have children (-_-), I'm an animal person and apparently I'm interested in two people. Now who...I don't know because I don't think I'm interested in anyone. Weird huh?

So yesterday was mucho fun. Today I went to the store with Margie and got some stuff and we're making spaghetti later tonight. I'm getting on my homework right now though. ^^; I have a lot. :D Ciao!

posted by Kellie at 6:12 PM