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wTuesday, August 20, 2002

So today was actually a pretty good day at work. It was my last day here at ADP before I head back to school, so my mom, Mrs. Consherto and Mrs. Michele took me to lunch at Red Lobster. When I got back, I was presented with a Mrs. Fields cookie cake (reading Good Luck Kellie) and a card with everyone's signature in it. In the card, they got me a reusable Walmart gift card. Starting price is $50.00. That will definitely come in handy in school since York is close to a Walmart and its a super Walmart! Woohoo!

Tomorrow mom has off so it will be spent cleaning, doing laundry and getting stuff together for school. Sami's coming over tomorrow afternoon to bring me a surprise she has for me. ^_^ Heehee! I'm looking forward to it. I think my grandmother might be coming over too. Thursday I'm going up to York for the day to get my books, copy of my registration form to send to my health insurance company and to check out the apartment. Probably the rest of the week will be for packing and such. @_@ Bah..I'm so tired. I can't wait to go home. Probably either play some video games or continue work on my layout for my blog, maybe even put it up. I like the way it turned out. :D Its kinda simple, but its all blue and pretty. *^___^* @_@ I wish I didn't have a tracking ball mouse though because sometimes when you try and draw your own dividing lines, it doesn't work too well. So, I usually just end up using the rectangle tool e_e; *snort*

Anyway...that's all for me really. Nothing interesting. ^_^ Ciao!

hahah...I found this amusing because... this kinda is York. The negative aspects of it anyway.
My College Is:

York College Institute
Students at York College Institute goof off a lot.
Students at York College Institute masturbate a lot.
Weed is the drug of choice.
The average GPA is 3.5

posted by Kellie at 8:24 PM

wMonday, August 19, 2002

So, college is starting on Tuesday. I MUST do good this semester. No ifs, ands or buts. I can't lay around and just watch life pass me by and not grab a hold of something to join in the traffic. I am determined to absolutely kick major ass this year if not go farther than even that. I want to do something with my life when I graduate. I want to be successful! Also, I'm getting materials together for one of my costumes. I got a letter from (I guess) one of the admistrators at saying hi and thanks for registering. They also said they were looking forward to my Sakura costume idea that I want to do. That makes me want to get into shape even more. ^_^ Wai wai!

So, I'm trying to get people used to reading this instead of my journal because...I think its time to move away from livejournal. I'm not sure why, but...I think just because I want to. Communities are good for livejournal, but I just don't like livejournal anymore. Nor do I like journals anymore. I'm not sure why though. I just...don't. Its all okay though. She said that having a blog and making layouts was a great way and easy way to practice HTML before going all out on a site. I agree. I like the idea of starting small and moving up. I'm thinking about a doing a surfing layout, a parapara layout or maybe some sort of video game layout for my blog in the future. Maybe over labor day weekend I'll work on something assuming my internet connection works. @_@ Aiyeee. I hope it does.

posted by Kellie at 12:08 PM